Children will happy when they can play all toys. Toys are good for children because it can stimulate their ability and creativity. They need to get stimulation for their brain. There are some criteria of good toys for your children. You need to choose games or toys that can help them to improve their ability of sight. You can buy toys in various colors such as red, green, blue, yellow, grey, black, white, pick, orange, and much more. Your children will play the toys and they can remember the colors. You must care of the shapes. Children will able to differentiate their shapes when they play the toys. You can buy round, square, triangle and much more shapes of blocks or toys. You also need to improve their ability to read the work or letter. You can choose toys that contain of letters. They will able to arrange their names by using their toys. Girl will happy when they can play barbie games. Is it good toy for your children? When your children play Barbie games, they can get various benefits. They can learn how to care of their toys. They will respect their Barbie. When they play their Barbie games, they will easy to know about color of the dress too. Playing Barbie games will improve their ability to give their Barbie dress, shoes, and make some hairstyles.